Gurawul the Whale

by Max Dulumunmun Harrison

More than 70 years ago, the ancient legend of Gurawul the whale was passed down to Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison by his grandfather and uncles. He promised them that one day he would travel to the southern land, Tasmania, and search for the whale dreaming of their Ancestors.

This exquisitely illustrated book tells the story of Uncle Max’s journey to fulfil that promise, and how he eventually came face to face with Gurawul.

Filled with important cultural knowledge and personal stories, Uncle Max sadly died before Gurawul could be published, and his family are continuing his legacy to show how science is finally beginning to catch up with these ‘old blackfella’ stories.

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About the Author

Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison was an initiated Yuin man – a widely respected Elder who has been on the National Board of Elders, released several books on Aboriginal culture, including My Peoples Dreaming, given knowledge and was a recognised teacher of the University of Wollongong.

Uncle Max led the opening Traditional Ceremony for Sydney 2011 and 2012 Australia Day Celebrations and was well respected through his work as a community Elder in his Yuin Country.

Right up until his death in 2021 Uncle Max played a vital part in Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness – an Indigenous owned and operated Cultural service provider on Yuin Country on the NSW South Coast.