Master Plumbers

We usually get our magazine covers and layouts designed in-house, but for the July/August issue, we wanted to do something a bit special, especially in the lead-up to NAIDOC week. It just so happened that our usual graphic artist was going on maternity leave around this time, and we were also looking to alleviate some pressure from her and take some tasks off her plate. It gave us a fantastic opportunity to work with Ochre Dawn and she has since given birth to a wonderful baby girl!

We’re always looking to improve our magazine, and loved the idea of switching up the design a little bit. As our office is located on Kaurna Country, we thought it was very important to find and engage with a Kaurna artist. Ochre Dawn’s ‘Our Team’ website made it very easy to find an artist we liked, with examples of their work displayed. We really liked Lawson Dodd’s (Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna, Narungga) work, especially the work featured on his Instagram.

We found the Ochre Dawn team really easy to work with, and very communicative. Admittedly, we didn’t have a set idea of the artwork we wanted when we first reached out, so they were very good at hashing out the details of what we were looking for. We received our itemised quote within the week, which as a plumbing association, we appreciate. The process was quite painless and straightforward.

We would say for anyone looking to engage a graphic designer, Ochre Dawn is uniquely accessible. Before you even send your first email, you can get an idea of each artist’s work, the clients who have used Ochre Dawn before, the services and products they have available. It makes it very easy to know what you want and who you want to speak with, even if you have very little experience in outsourcing graphic design.


Rhia Daniel

Marketing & Membership Coordinator

Master Plumbers

Pictured: Executive Officer Andrew Clarke and Executive Support Co-ordinator Janique Viljoen