Hot Brown Honey

The Honeys are all super talented, multidimensional artists who trailblaze as independents as well as sharing time and space with Hot Brown Honey.

In an act of Radical Fierce Love, we at Hot Brown Honey lay it on the table. We invite you into our world where we stand centre stage shining brightly for all to see. Too often we are portrayed as the savage, the maid, the victim, the perpetrator, but we defy these labels. We ask you to celebrate with us. Celebrate all that we are. 

Our Truth. Our Courage. Our Complexities. Our Resistance. 

Join us as we take back our stories and explode the stereotypes that follow us. Together let us laugh at them, dismantle them and re-write them with open arms and middle finger raised.The Arts has the capacity to shift culture. We live in a culture that needs change urgently. Not tomorrow. Right Here. Right Now. We stand in the Creative Revolution.

Calling out to the Game Changers, Myth Slayers, Poets, Movers. Music Makers Ground Breakers, Truth Sayers, Shake em up Women, Queens, Queers and Risk Takers – We are the Change Creators!


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