Rocketseed Email Branding Solution

Transform your daily emails into a powerful campaign extension tool!

Ochre Dawn has been so impressed with the functionality and capability of Rocketseed, we decided to use it ourselves and become South Australia’s exclusive Rocketseed partner in order to offer it to our clients as well.

Email banners

Either as part of your signature or stand-alone, email banners give you the opportunity to make a major marketing impact with every email.

Everything from consistent branding and key advertising campaign messages to sign-ups and surveys can be creatively displayed on email banners, with the ability to run multiple targeted campaigns at any one time.

Most importantly, high-profile clickable calls-to-action delivering trackable direct response so you can measure the effectiveness of every banner and your campaign ROI.

First impressions count, and nothing makes an immediately engaging impact like a Rocketseed email banner.

Our easily configurable rules system enables you to precisely segment, target and schedule your campaign by assigning specific email banners to certain employees and recipients, ensuring that the right banner message reaches the right user, at the right time.

Email signatures

Professional email signature generator for your organisation.

Our signature creativity converts contacts to customers.

 Whether you’re using Office 365, Exchange, Outlook or G Suite, Rocketseed’s email signature generator gives you on brand email signatures that are professional, promotional and proven to engage.

Consistent, compliant, centrally-controlled, and compellingly-clickable, Rocketseed’s dynamic email signatures are more than a sign-off, they’re the start of something…..a marketing campaign, a social conversation, a customer journey and more.

Without Rocketseed

With Rocketseed

Interested in powering up your email and exploding your marketing campaigns?

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We will then follow up with a personalised sample mockup of the solution and arrange a free consultation session via in-person meeting or web conference – whichever is more convenient for you.